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Company specialized in the research, sale and transfer of cogeneration and generation plants used, unsold and rectified, powered by gas, diesel biogas.

Various scientific studies have determined that the regeneration of an internal combustion engine leads to an energy saving for the environment used, compared to the production of a new engine equal to 95%. It is therefore possible to guarantee the same performance and durability as the original engine.

Thanks to collaborations with companies all over the world, we offer Gen Sets, industrial plants, large plants, individual engines and turbines fueled by methane, diesel, LPG and biogas, in used, unsold and overhauled conditions.

We are able to offer the best technological solutions for the rectification of generators and for their subsequent maintenance.

We also propose the design, disassembly and reassembly at another site and the reconstruction of new generation and cogeneration plants from."

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These are just some of the engines we offer, in the market section you will find the complete list.

Allison Centrax cx 501 kb5

3700 kWe

Trattativa Riservata

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4 Centrali Diesel 80 MWe

1700 kWe

Trattativa Riservata

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Volvo Penta

400 kWe

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