Cat G3516

Product type:Engine
Power:1106 kW
Price:25.000 €
Manutenzioni Continue, ottimo stato
Availability: Immediate
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Located in EU country
Costruttore/Manufacturer: Caterpillar Inc. Modello/Type: G3516 Dimensioni motore/Motor Dimensions: 4850x1760xH2630 mm Numero di serie/Serial number: CAT00000CCSC00142 Anno di produzione/Year of production: 2002 Technical details: • Electrical power: 1106 KW • Thermal power: 1274 KW • T3 maintenance (every 15.000,00 hours – superior part of the motor) done in 13/02/2017 (3736 hours to next T3 maintenance) • T2 maintenance (every 30.000,00 hours – complete maintenance) done in 27/07/2015 (6627 hours to next T2 maintenance) • Oil change (every 2800 hours) done in 24/05/2018 (1800 hours to next oil change) • Gas turbines are new installed
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Cat G3516 Cat G3516 Cat G3516