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We are a company specialized in the direct and third party sales of cogeneration and generation plants, used, never used and rectified, powered by gas, diesel biogas, single engines and turbines, powered by gas, diesel, LPG and biogas.

As consultants we are able to propose the best solutions for the transfer to another location of new generation and cogeneration plants from 30 kWe to over 600 MWe.

Various scientific studies have determined that the regeneration of an internal combustion engine results in energy savings for the environment used, compared to the production of a new engine equal to 95%.

Thanks to the overhaul of the systems it is therefore possible to guarantee the same performance and duration of the original system.

We operate all over the world.

"Aut Viam Inveniam Aut Faciam"

We sell and buy used

These are just some of the engines we offer, in the market section you will find the complete list.


Man2842 LE 322

420 kWe

Power Plant Complete(chp)

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2X Franco Tosi Steam Turbine

23200 kWe

Franco Tosi Tv13/s reconditioned turbogroup 2007

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Biomass/Coal power plant 11,6MWe with Franco Tosi Steam Turbine un used 11,6MWe

11600 kWe

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